Where we are: Close to Puerto Vallarta, surrounded by Mountains, Forest and Beaches.

Let’s leave Tierra Alta and El Tuito for a moment and explore the unique Map: El Tuito, Tierra Alta.geography of Cabo Corrientes.

Cabo Corrientes – the Cape of Currents

Getting There: As you go south from Puerto Vallarta on Hiway 200, you pass the town of Mismaloya and then the small beach town of Boca de Tomatlan (a total of about 13 km along the south coast of the Bay). At this point, you are entering the Municipality of Cabo Corrientes (and a different world).

Cabo Corrientes means the cape of currents. Its focal point is the lighthouse (“El Faro” in Spanish) which marks the final opening of the Bay of Banderas where it joins the Pacific.

Cabo Corrientes is itself a kind of broad peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Pacific which has shaped the many extraordinary beaches on this 50 mile perimeter of unruly coast