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Ing. Fernando Perez Arribas has consistently shown professionalism in every project.  He lives in Guadalajara and “commutes” to El Tuito.


Now that Bruce’s beautiful cabin is complete, our preferred contractor, Fernando Perez has complet Bruce’s rental cabin located on Lot #6 too.  The site has extraordinary views and is sure to attract a strong rental clientele.




Javier Jimenez bring innovate desing Tierra Alta 


The materials in javier´s exciting new desing include wood, glass and stone. the structure is perhaps best defined as a “country home “, joining the most modern amenities with a setting and view that blend perfectly in a mountain landscape.

Property Administration and Maintenance Fees

We are fast approaching the dreaded collection of maintenance fees. And, we will begin to establish administration procedures governing such things as garbage removal, road repairs and high speed internet installations.  Don Chava will continue with his usual security duties.  He keeps his eye on entries to the property while handling pool maintenance and common area gardens.  He is available at any time for assistance with groceries, luggage, errands, minor repairs, etc.

As I’ve said to many of you, I think we should start at $100/per month maintenance fees and see where it takes us.  We will open a bank account specifically for the maintenance fees and over a few months’ time, we can see whether that amount needs to be increased as we implement accounting procedures for the HOA.

At some point in the future, the payment of maintenance fees will need to begin at the time the buyer takes possession of his lot, according to our legal advisors.  But during this transitional period while we are just beginning to operate as a more formal entity, I think we can wait on charging monthly maintenance fees until the owner begins site work for his cabin.  We definitely need to start charging regular fees.  The construction process is especially hard on the roads and frequent repairs are required when heavy trucks are hauling materials to the building sites.

Your Common Area

Don’t forget the pool and outdoor cooking and dining area are part of the common area of Tierra Alta and can be enjoyed by any owner.  Invite your friends, families etc.  If you plan on using the pool and dining area for a family outing or special event that may require the entire pool/dining area, make sure you let Xochitl know so that we can avoid any timing conflicts.  Pool season will soon begin and we need to develop a policy on shared use of the facilities.

Predial (Property tax)

Xochitl is paying everyone’s yearly property tax and we will then contact you for reimbursement and provide you with receipts from the Ayuntamiento.

Gate Opener

we have a newly installed remote gate opening device which allows you to open and shut the gate from inside your car. the controlls will be programed before we pass them on to you. Cost $ 45 us plus tax

Pool Heater

Recent visitors to Tierra Alta have been very pleased to find that the pool is now nicely heated and can be used even for an early morning swim – if you remember to ask Don Chava to turn on the gas heater the night before.  The heating equipment and installation were very expensive but worth it in the long term.  Our attempts at solar heating were not successful, mainly because we have so much shade.

“Cabin Warming” Fiesta


Hiram Ruiz joins Tierra Alta team

We are pleased that Hiram Ruiz has joined the Tierra Alta team.  Hiram has complementary skills that will strengthen our ability to properly manage the Tierra Alta property.  He brings youth, robust health, excellent computer skills and a willingness to jump into any requirement such as clearing a lot with a machete for a new owner. Don’t hesitate to ask Hiram for assistance on any challenge at the property.  If he can’t solve your problem, he will find someone who can.  His English is still limited but he is eager to practice it with anyone.  



Xochitl cell:  322-103-0901

David cell: 322-294-2141

Home office: 222-9180


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