From Banderas Bay to Cabo Corrientes

by / Friday, 29 November 2013 / Published in blog

“There are times that Banderas Bay seems like a relatively safe theme park for seafarers who don’t really want to go to sea. Banderas Bay seems to have been artfully designed for vacations and retirement. It seems to have been invented for people who believe they have suffered enough, so bring on the paradise, now, please.

But as you leave the urban confines of Vallarta, the realities of tropical Mexico are always close at hand. If you drive 25 minutes west from Vallarta along coastal Highway 200, you will cross into the Cabo Corrientes municipality just past Boca de Tomatlan.

The road abruptly leaves the coast, swings due south and inland toward the town of El Tuito in the Sierra Madre Mountains. The winding road climbs into the pine and oak forests and you will begin to notice that, by contrast to the dense human landscape of Vallarta, there is just a thin scattering of people in the clustered settlements along the road. You are in Cabo Corrientes.

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