The Weather. Best in the World?


At 2,000 feet above Puerto Vallarta, the weather at Tierra Alta is predictably mild by comparison to the tropical city of Puerto Vallarta along the coast. Of course, there are some hot days in the El Tuito summer, but the weather there will often inspire a wistful comment from a Vallarta native when the subject is first mentioned, especially in the summer. “Ah, que agradable es el clima en el Tuito.” The temperature averages about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. There are more than 300 days of sun in El Tuito and total precipitation averages about 34 inches per year.

The lower humidity in El Tuito is even more notable than the milder temperatures. The mountains of the coastal range separate el Tuito from the coastal humidity of Vallarta.

In the winter, there can actually be a brisk evening or early morning chill in the air. But the local residents do not even bother with fireplaces. “Esta rica la frescura,” they say. The occasional chill is welcome. Outdoor fires on cool nights will also be welcome at Tierra Alta.

The summer rainy season in the mountains (June – October) brings a muted version of the torrential downpours in Vallarta. Yes, it rains hard in the mountains around el Tuito. The roads need grading and minor repair work every fall.

Puerto Vallarta is, of course, famous for its extraordinary weather. But it’s just possible that the climate in Tierra Alta is the best in the world.

Doesn’t there have to be some such location – with the best weather on the planet? It might be in El Tuito and Tierra Alta.