Infrastructure and Development in Cabo Corrientes

img_feat_06Roads to Beaches in Cabo Corrientes

The town of El Tuito and the Tierra Alta property are located at a center point for Cabo Corrientes peninsula with a 25 mile radius to all of the Pacific shores that can now be accessed by road. Each year, the road paving projects expand the network of coastal access to Cabo Corrientes, and its glorious, forgotten beaches.

From El Tuito or Tierra Alta, you are now only about 45 minutes from all of the beaches with road access that rim the broad peninsula of Cabo Corrientes. The funding commitment to infrastructure in this area has come partly through investment by the federal government in the opening of this extraordinary region. Apart from the road construction, there is also an important major water supply system under construction for Cabo Corrientes, located at Las Panales just 15 miles south of El Tuito.

There are a number of beach areas along the Cabo Corrientes peninsula that are in fact swimmable – Tehuamixtle is a beautiful example. Corrales, the small protected bay and fishing village at the cape is another example of a swimmable beach. You just need to get to know this country and these beautiful – and potentially dangerous – beaches.

Motor boats to beaches – “Panga” Tours

There are still many beach areas that cannot be easily reached by car. You may choose to explore some of these roadless areas by “panga”, the small outboard motor boats that provide water travel and excursion services. Just be careful about choosing a qualified boatman.

Urban Escapes

Tierra Alta shares its quiet valley with El Tuito and it often seems remote from the familiar city environments. That is, in fact, the basic idea of Tierra Alta.

Keep in mind that Tierra Alta is not an ordinary stop on a well travelled road to a known destination. The people who will come here will be looking for what Xochitl and I were seeking. More peace. More quiet. Incredibly benign weather. Naturally cordial people. New friends. And the usual random surprises.