Infrastructure and Development at Tierra Alta


The natural essence of Tierra Alta will be preserved while its infrastructure will expand in stages as this small community grows.  The entire property will be controlled by a condominium regime that has strict ecological requirements and clear operational bylaws.

There will be limits to growth.  The large lots required in the development (1,600m2 minimum)  further assure that the development will be ecologically correct and protected.

Roads in Tierra Alta: We will add roads as needed to accommodate the modest rate of growth anticipated over the next few years. There will be some maintenance fee requirements to cover the cost of occasional road work, season to season. But those costs will be reasonable.

Water: It comes from a well on the southeastern side of the property. It has been tested for both quality and quantity and the results are excellent.  It will be tested periodically and the results will be available to Owners.  The water costs are minimal.

Septic Treatment: Tierra Alta requires that its Owners use a system with clearly defined specifications that are in compliance with the condo regime. There will be regular testing of all of the septic systems on the property.

Electrical: As we grow and add new lot sites, we will need to continue extending the electrical service provided by CFE, the national electrical provider in Mexico.  We have employed a well-respected electrical consultant to plan and oversee the installations.

Reforestation: Tierra Alta will be participating with the Municipality of Cabo Corrientes in their program to plant native trees and plants in specific open areas of the property. Tierra Alta has already planted more than 60 fruit trees.

Donation of Green Areas: In compliance with the Municipality’s Zoning Ordinance, Tierra Alta is donating six percent of its total area to the municipality. This area will be part of the acreage which will be used for the benefit of all local residents.

Future Development at Tierra Alta              

The Owners will have an important voice in developing future amenities at Tierra Alta. In addition to the existing pool and palapa common area, there will be a second common area also to include outdoor cooking and dining facilities, along with parking space.

Hiking trails will follow all of the roads in the development and will connect to form a complete circuit for hikers in this beautiful oak forest without leaving the property.