Beach Routes from Tierra Alta

img_feat_01El Tuito is the takeoff point for going to the Cabo Corrientes shore – especially to those beaches ranging south along the Pacific Coast from the lighthouse at Corrales to the huge, open beaches near Ipala and Villas del Mar. This coastline is well outside of the sheltering Banderas Bay. And, the beaches are not generally the conventional towel-on-the-sand, margarita-in-hand kind of settings. You can certainly have that, too, although don’t forget, you must impose a common sense prohibition on swimming anywhere along Cabo Corrientes without intimate knowledge of the force of the invisible currents along these shores, swept along by a wind that came from Japan the day before. As long as you are careful… You will find a beautiful beach to enjoy.

After that lecture, now, it’s time to eat:

After properly contemplating death, it is always good to return to (one of) the supreme pleasure(s) of life: great food. Meaning, in this case, the best oysters ever imagined (“He was a bold man who first ate an oyster”, Jonathan Swift).

The final, best stage in the enjoyment of oysters is in eating something like the “Callo de Margarita”. It is an oyster so large that a single example can suffice very nicely for lunch. The oyster is pried loose and then sliced into bite sized pieces while still in its enormous opened shell. One adds only hot sauce and lots of lime.

But now let’s turn back to El Tuito and La Tierra Alta…. Because of its center-point location in Cabo Corrientes, El Tuito can have a kind of centrifugal affect on visitors who can hardly wait to rush off toward the open, forgotten beaches and wonderful seafood along the coastal zone from Ipala on the south to Corrales on the north. But there is a lot to know and enjoy in El Tuito.