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Bruce´s cabin


Bruce beckler´s cabin (“Casa Betty”) is truly “deluxe”. its has beautifully made parota(a tropical hard wood) wood work throug the kitchen area, a fireplace and elegant ceramic tile floor. The oversized deck and expansive view are exciting features.


 Construction at Tierra Alta

Ing. Fernando Perez Arribas, “preferred contractor” at Tierra Alta 

Fernando is native of Guadalajara. he has worked on more than 25 cabin projects, mainly in the resort cabin areas of Tapalpa and Mazamitla south of Guadalajara. Fernando has shown consistent professionalism in each project for Tierra Alta,including careful attention to the one yaer guarantee covering any defects in workman ship and materials.

Casa Grace Rentals

After completing Bruces´s  cabin, Fernando finished construction on Bruce´s rental cabin(“Casa Grace”) in late 2015. The views are spectacular and it has drawn a strong rental flow at a minimum of $ 100 us per night. xochitl manages the owner rentals for Casa Grace.



Maintenance Fees

Owners at Tierra Alta will hold their first official owners meeting at the pool common area.

Maintenances fees will be discussed in preparation for the first general billing, depending on the type of contract signed between lot owner and development property owners, David and Xochitl Kimball. Date and agendawill be distributed well before the meeting.

Agenda items will include road development and maintenance, electrical and water service,trash removal, security program, accounting precedures, fee billings and payment requeriment, etc. etc.