Becoming an owner of a lot or cabin

Owners at Tierra Alta: What will they be like?

bao_01People will come to Tierra Alta for part or all of the year. Or they will come on weekends and vacations when they most need a complete diversion from their daily lives. People will come to get away from their weather, or from too much work or from too much traffic, stress, headaches, headlines or head colds. Or from too much or not enough family. People will come to Tierra Alta who enjoy the natural world in privacy but who also enjoy meeting people from everywhere. Mexican nationals from Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara or Mexico City. Americans from California or Manhattan. Canadians from Vancouver or Newfoundland. Most important, they will get to know the residents of El Tuito, who are a very welcoming people. We would not go so far as to predict that Tierra Alta will be “a way of life”, or a “philosophy.” But it is reasonable to expect that there will be a fairly predictable Profile for owners at Tierra Alta.

Nature Lovers and “Woodsy People”:

They will enjoy pristine oak forests rising abruptly from a river valley filled with fragrant orange and lime orchards. Tierra Alta residents will be a little woodsy or at least have woodsy tendencies. They’ll be comfortable outdoors (as long as the weather is perfect). Meaning that they will have a serious love of an exquisite light and airy breeze. Cool in the morning, warm in the afternoons. Some winter evenings will be cool enough for a light sweater and an outdoor fire.

Solitude but with Friendship:

People here will be ready for some degree of solitude. But we also expect there to be a lot of new friendships among the owners.


Some will be interested in at least a moderate degree of language challenge (presuming your neighbors don’t insist on speaking only English).


Near Tierra Alta, there are country roads to walk. There will be a cow or two. Or maybe some goats that got away from somewhere and whose absence has not yet been noticed.

View the Master Plan

Within the property itself, you can walk the property roads which serve as a nature trail throughout the property. The roads are all circular, so you can’t get lost! Orchids (protected) bloom in the spring and will be identified by small, discrete signs. Don’t be an orchid thief – orchids are protected by law (and by the rules of Tierra Alta).


 Current Price List About $ 50 dollars per m2

  • The following prices are only examples of cabin construction costs. The cabins are built by third partycontractors.
  • Pricing is subject to change until a construction price and plan are agreed to in writing.
  • Other models of cabins are available.


Lot pricing is based on US$40 per sq. meter.

Buying a Lot:

The lots are all part of a Master Plan designed to minimize visual intrusions and maximize views and your sense of privacy in a beautiful natural setting. Each lot has a clearly defined building site. To avoid any visual “collisions”, we must all build in the specified locations on our 4/10th acre lots.


We have clear titles. Registered. They are rare in rural Mexico. You are welcome to have them reviewed.

Rules and Regulations:

There is a “Short Form” and a “Long Form”. Rules can be annoying, but not having them can be worse.

Rules & Regulations

The large lot size assures that each owner will have a sense of space within each residence site. Cabins or villas can be large or small, but they must adhere to strictly enforced Rules & Regulations which are designed to assure that neighbors will respect the tranquility and sense of space that define the project and its reason for being. Yes, the Regulations are lengthy, and they will be enforced. But they are basically good, common sense rules which will seldom need to be consulted among people of good intention who share the values of the project (complete Rules & Regulations to be attached below). No, you can’t build more than two stories and your cabin cannot be painted purple. Yes, you must strictly maintain your septic system which must meet the standards defined in the Addendum to the Rules. If you fail to properly maintain your system, the Home Owner Association will take responsibility for corrective action and you will be subject to ongoing fines until your system is corrected. We also include a shorthand version of the Rules & Regulations (below). The short version obviously does not include every point in the complete document. But this Short Form will give you a sense of both the strictness and, we think, the reasonableness of the rules for living at Tierra Alta – for an occasional overnight weekend stay, or for the rest of your life. You are not entering this community to deal with anxieties about maintaining the quality of life and respect for natural conditions which brought you to this community in the first place. Strictly enforced rules will support and express the values that La Tierra Alta was designed to protect.