Birders are weird. I can say that because I come from a birder family. Watching bird watchers can be entertaining: Here is an imaginary conversation between my parents, two elderly birders, married for 40 years, trying to argue quietly about whether the bird in the tree just ahead is really a Western Tanager or a

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from El Tuito to the closest beach locations such as Mayto, Tehuamixtle or Villa del Mar. But the time required to reach any of these beautifully desolate beaches will soon be magically shortened. The passable 44 km road from El Tuito to the Mayto coastal area, for example,

“There are times that Banderas Bay seems like a relatively safe theme park for seafarers who don’t really want to go to sea. Banderas Bay seems to have been artfully designed for vacations and retirement. It seems to have been invented for people who believe they have suffered enough, so bring on the paradise, now,