Tierra Alta: Beautiful mountain lots and cabins near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Tierra Alta is a pristine ecological development in an oak forest on the edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta.

Map: El Tuito, Tierra Alta.

Map: El Tuito, Tierra Alta.

Map: El Tuito, Tierra Alta.

Map: El Tuito, Tierra Alta.

The lots: 1600 sq. meters or about 4/10ths of an acre.

The cabins: custom built log structures.

Choose from a complete menu of floor plan options from 3rd party contractors or design your own cabin! Alternative materials include adobe and stone which can be integrated with frame or log facing designs.

  • Where are we? West-Central Mexico less than a one hour drive from Puerto Vallarta.

  • Excellent medical and dental care available.

  • All the familiar amenities: Satellite TV, Internet, good restaurants, great hiking and superb birdwatching. Weather: the best in the world. More than 300 days of sun/year.

  • Easy beach access: Just a 45 minute drive to the beautiful, empty Pacific beaches of Cabo Corrientes.

Tierra Alta

Is a 17 acre (7 hectare) tract of beautiful oak covered foothills just a kilometer from the old trading town of El Tuito in the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. It won’t be a surprise if you have never heard of any of these places. That is a large part of their attraction for us. Partly because there are no signs of intrusion on the land (other than the basic road access), reaching out to other people to join Tierra Alta is a little like forming an early tribal group requiring civilized behavior. We don’t want to compromise the natural beauty of this land, or damage the serenity of this unique mountain retreat.

The Tierra Alta Location: A Triangle of Choice. Mountain – Beach – or City.

At first, it sounds like we are offering some kind of retreat to the gorgeous Sierra Madre mountains – and we are. Quiet evenings as the sun sets over the valley. Stars seen from the deck. A persistent owl in the distance. But you also must remember that Tierra Alta is even closer to the wild, gorgeous Pacilfic Beaches (40-45 minutes) than it is to Puerto Vallarta (45-55 minutes). Tierra Alta is a pivot point for a daily choice: to be a beach or a mountain person that day. Or to just go hangout with your urban friends in Vallarta.

Tierra Alta model cabin

Tierra Alta model cabin

What do we sell?

Beautiful mountain lots perfect for cabins. The cabin construction is managed by contractors who can design and build your dream getaway on extraordinary mountain land. Cabin construction generally takes about five months.

The property is fully titled

and the prices are remarkably affordable: A special introductory package offer includes a full size lot and a “Chalet” cabin with water and electrical connections. Turnkey pricing starts at about $80,000. Larger cabins suitable for full time residence are an excellent option. Seller financing is available.