Having it all – in several ways.
El Tuito, Jalisco, Mexico

We are offering lots of minimum 1600 square meters or nearly a half-acre.

We are selling these mountain lots at Tierra Alta to people who are looking for beautiful mountain land with good services: good road access, good water, and good underground electrical service. The large lot size will sustain the sense of privacy and space that first attracted us – and you – if you’ve read this far.

Lot Price: $50US per M2

Nature but with amenities

In the small town of El Tuito, a mile and a half from Tierra Alta on a quiet road, there are a surprising number of amenities and services that will also be available in Tierra Alta. We will want to preserve the point of equilibrium between secluded, pristine forest land close to the edge of a grand mountain range, balanced by all of the welcome amenities that we used to think were unavailable or unaffordable in such a location.

Services Examples:

· Excellent restaurants in El Tuito with a kind of rustic simplicity. (Some with prompt motor bike delivery to our cabin doors).

· IT service when your internet or dish is down. High speed internet service is now available in the El Tuito area. Cell phones function for national or international calls. There is a lengthy menu of available TV channels with familiar programming in Spanish and English including Netflix.

· Medical: House calls from the local clinic international services in treatments.

· Maid and gardening services at very reasonable prices.