Restaurants in Town

Mexican owned and operated.

The following list includes some the best known restaurants in the village of El Tuito. It is not an exclusive list and does not represent any order of quality, service or price. Please send us your own recommendations for the next edition.

None of these is more than 1.5 miles from Tierra Alta.

Prices at these restaurants is very reasonable and many offer home delivery service (as indicated).

The Patio de Mario

Plaza area

El Patio de Mario is a cozy restaurant adapted from a colonial house and decorated with a beautiful garden, paintings and ornaments recalling the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Traditional Mexican food and various special dishes are served. Located on Calle Juárez in front of the Town Hall and the Town Square.

• "Traditional Mexican Cuisine" Restaurant Bar
• Open from 8:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m.
• Sale of tequila and raicilla (La raicilla is an alcoholic beverage very similar to tequila and mezcal). Produced in-house.
• No delivery service
• Tel: 322 269 0604

Other Great Restaurants in El Tuito


Plaza area

· Calle Pablo Rios one half block from northwest corner of the municipal square.
· Breakfast until mid-day, followed by “wings” and beer in the evenings.
· Tel: 322 269 0497
· Closed on Sundays

Loncheria Margarita

Plaza area

• Located on north corner facing plaza, southwest side
• Breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, cakes, hamburgers, quesadillas.
• To Go Service
• Tel: 322 269 0556
• Closed on Sundays

Rosita Restaurant

Plaza area

• Javier Perez, Owner
• Since 1975. Served under the portals in front of the municipal plaza on Calle 1 de Abril.
• 100% Mexican food
• Telephone: 322 269 0291

New Restaurant Nena

· Family Restaurant Bar
· Mexican food
· Same side of Hiway 200 as Pemex on Hiway 200
· Telephone: 322 1607242
· Facebook: New Restaurant Nena

Valle Azul Restaurant

Plaza area

• Meats, seafood, pizzas and hamburgers
• Located on Calle 1 de April between Jose de Jesus Cervantes and Matamoros "Los Arcos"
• Phone : 322 269 0646
• Closed on Tuesdays

El Mojarro

· Seafood specialists
· On Hiway 200, Located across Hiway from the taxi site at the town’s eastern entrance next to Pemex.
· Tel: 322 269 0017
· 100% Mexican food and operation
· Closed on Tuesdays

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