Javier Jimenez now an Owner at Tierra Alta                                    Lot#5                                  First, I want to welcome Javier Jimenez who just purchased lot 5. 


Friday, 17 July 2015 by

Not only are the developers of Tierra Alta, David and Xochitl Kimball, pioneers for introducing the concept of log cabin construction to El Tuito, a small colonial town just 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, but they are also the very first horizontal condominium regime to EVER be registered within Cabo Corrientes!  ¨We are not only

David Kimball – BanderasNews.comMay 5, 2014 El Tuito, Jalisco, Mexico – Cabo Corrientes is one of those vaguely heard of places where nobody ever goes because… well, where is it? And how would you go there? And why? Literally, Cabo Corrientes means “Cape Currents.” It’s the defining end point of Banderas Bay west of Puerto